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We specialize in casting services, representing talent for casting-calls on Feature Films, Television Series, Commercials, Modeling, Reality TV, Music Videos, Live Events and Promotions. MEA Casting Services is an industry leader in production casting with one of the largest up to date online talent databases. Every year we provide many of paid cast roles to individuals of all types while working with some of the best entertainment productions and casting directors in the business today.

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MEA Productions casting services directors have the know-how to bring any project to life with its cast. We are ready to fulfill any script whether demanding or not and providing our clients with the needed talents for the role. As a full production house, we have the abilities to hold castings and auditions at our offices. We know how challenging production can get and we work around the clock with our clients for exceptional results.

We register all kinds of talents to be added to our brilliant database. Talents of all ages, from different backgrounds, speak multiple languages and the looks to play the part that’s needed. Our age groups vary from children, teens, adults and seniors from ages 6 to 60. We are most importantly able to provide people from several ethnicities; White Caucasian, Arab, Asian, African, Indian.



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