Filming in Jordan

MEA Productions has deep knowledge on filming and we push ourselves to support and develop the film making industry in our beloved Jordan.  We are keen on providing productions with comprehensive services. Providing assistance in location scouting with a grasp of all locations. Hiring the right crew for your project and creating the best outcome possible.

Filming in Jordan is very exciting thanks to many thrilling sites and breathtaking views. Drive for a couple of hours and the road will lead you to many exhilarating locations and scenery.

Nothing compares to recording a video in the ancient city of Petra with over 2000 years of age, or even better the Dead Sea which sets you more than 400 meters below sea level. And there are plenty more locations to choose from in a country rich with history, heritage and plenty of wonderful sites that enrich your video.

Many don’t know of how many Hollywood, winning-award movies have been shot in Jordan. We MEA Productions want to put Jordan on the film map. Giving our country the chance to become a model location for location scouting.